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As our population grows, the need for new agricultural technologies drastically increases, as we need more efficient ways to produce more crops without degrading our planet and overusing our natural resources. That is why at Growing Green, our primary goal is to promote and implement renewable technologies that will positively affect agriculture by making it more sustainable. We strive to educate our community on the importance of sustainable agriculture and help local farmers and organizations develop, implement, and fund these renewable technologies.



Growing Green is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that focuses on improving agriculture while decreasing our negative impact on the environment. Inspired by volunteering at community gardens and working with organizations such as Tiger Mountain Foundation, Sarah Bendok founded Growing Green as a freshman high school student at Phoenix Country Day School. We saw that farmers put so much effort and hard work into improving their farms and growing food just to take home meager earnings as crop yields decrease with worsening environmental conditions.


Our focus for 2022-2023

Fund an Agrivoltaics project at

Spaces of Opportunity

Raise money to benefit

Tiger Mountain Foundation

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