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Increases crop yield

Enhances soil quality

Reduces water consumption

Improves working conditions

Provides farms with sustainable energy 


Putting solar panels over cropland with the following benefits:

Agrivoltaics project at Spaces of Opportunity

After raising $17,000 through community donations and sponsorships we executed a 4.8 KWH agrivoltaics  project at at Spaces of Opportunity. This 19-acre urban farm sits in the middle of South Phoenix’s food desert, and promotes healthy food choices while allowing  low-income farmers and community members an opportunity rent plots to grow and sell their produce. This project will not only help the local community but will also set an example for commercial, family, and community farms around the country to adopt Agrivoltaics. Produce grown will be donated to school cafeterias, farmers markets and food banks.

Opening ceremony

Planting Crops Under the Agrivoltaics system at spaces of opportunity 

We have planted 80 pepper plants under the agrivoltaics system and 80 more in a control bed. We will be taking data throughout the summer to see how the plants behave in these environments.